Free Standing Baths l Versatile Tubs with Beautiful Benefits

Free Standing Baths l Versatile Tubs with Beautiful Benefits

The Versatility of Free Standing Baths


Freedom of choice is an element of immeasurable value for which almost everyone strives – often hopefully and occasionally ambitiously, sometimes aspirationally. However, there is one aspect of free choice for which Summer Place Spas & Baths is perfectly placed to assist homeowners who appreciate the opportunity to exercise their freedom to choose the type and precise placement of a luxurious free standing bath.


Free Standing Baths and Floor Space


Because many bathrooms are rather compact, you should carefully select the style and size of a bath to fit into your available space. This is essential to maximise the use of viable floor space whilst creating an impression of spaciousness within the bathroom.


Although many may aspire to enjoy ownership and benefits of an expertly jetted free standing bath, they may assume that a built-in bath, tucked tightly against one or two walls, will save space. This is not necessarily accurate. Yes, you must allow sufficient floor space to access and move around a free standing bath safely, without bumping into other fitted sanitary ware. You also need enough space to clean the floor around the jetted bathtub, but the aesthetic and experiential benefits outweigh the need for extra space.

Free standing Baths

It Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere


Despite this required uptake of floor space, a free standing unit is so versatile that the bath may be installed almost anywhere. The choice is yours – beneath a window that offers a lovely view, in the centre of the bathroom, at an angle or across an otherwise wasted, empty corner in a traditional enclosed bathroom.


Jacuzzi-style, jetted free standing baths may even be installed in an open-plan configuration in one section of a sizeable modern bedroom’s flexible floorplan, allowing the bather to enjoy the benefits of a hydrotherapy session after stepping out of bed into the tub or vice versa.


Premium Free Standing Bath Collection


As South Africa’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of premium jetted built-in and free standing baths and a superb selection of spas, Summer Place’s free standing bath collection consists of six Island styles. “Island” is our descriptive term for free standing bathtubs, because, after installation, these versatile baths seem to float like unencumbered islands in a sea of tranquillity, peace and relaxation.


Enjoy Bathtime Benefits with Summer Place Spas & Baths


Acquiring premium free standing baths and their versatile benefits is a significant investment in your property’s value, combined with the priceless natural benefits of hydrotherapy sessions. Feel free to contact Summer Place online or via a phone call for expert information about a very beneficial lifestyle enhancement.

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