7 Questions To Ask Your Spa Bath Suppliers In South Africa

7 Questions To Ask Your Spa Bath Suppliers In South Africa

If you have been in the market for a Jacuzzi or spa bath for a while, and don’t know how to choose from the wide range of spa pools on the market, you will need some pointers. All manufacturers will try to catch your interest with certain wonderful features that their spa baths possess, but there are a few features that you simply cannot do without when you choose a spa bath. Here, we discuss some of the top things to tick off the list during your selection process, and some of the questions to ask your spa bath suppliers in South Africa before you buy a unit.

How energy efficient is this spa?

With energy (and water) costing as much as it does now, it makes total sense that you would want to keep your costs down. Your spa bath should be able to retain heat with innovative automatic thermal tuning that prevents the temperature in the spa from dropping to the point where the whole bath has to be heated up again. The shell of the spa should be created in a way that promotes heat retention with thorough insulation, and heat from pumps and other equipment should be used to retain the water temperature. The pumps should also be energy efficient and use very little power during operation. Power saving features are vital if you don’t want to spend a fortune on energy bills every month!

Does it have an effective skimmer? 

Nobody loves a spa bath with unsightly scum floating on the surface of the water, or an oily ring around the bath. It is vital that a highly effective skimmer is fitted that will extract impurities from the water, and remove oil molecules from the water’s surface to prevent them from sticking to the sides. We all want a clean, good-looking spa bath, so get confirmation from your suppliers that your spa has a modern skimmer.

Does it have stainless steel housing for heaters?

Most heaters are encased in a PVC plastic casing according to industry standards, but if you choose a spa bath from reliable suppliers in South Africa, you will find that the heater is securely protected by a stainless steel housing case. This helps to prevent distortion of the heater sleeves, and in the long, run prevents leaking and pump problems.

What about reduced noise?

Spa baths are usually places where we would like to chill out and relax, while we enjoy the hydrotherapy and the movement of the water in relative silence. A roaring pump simply will not do – all you want to hear is the gushing of water as it caresses your aching muscles! This is why it is important to ask your supplier in South Africa to only recommend spa baths with effective noise reduction features. The pumps have to be insulated in order to keep noise to the bare minimum at all times.

Can you provide local parts and spares? 

If your spa bath needs a service or a part needs to be replaced, you need to have access to it quickly. Buying units that rely on imported parts and spares is a mistake because you will usually have to wait for imported parts to arrive, and pay dearly once they have arrived. You will also not know very much about the quality of the imported spares. Your spa bath suppliers in South Africa, such as Summer Place, should have local parts and spares available and must be able to manufacture their parts on site. This way, you can get your spa bath and your parts from the same local supplier.

Is the filtration effective?

If you want to enjoy a clean, clear spa bath at all times, you have to get one with multi-faceted filtration that includes microfiltration. Even the tiniest particles need to be trapped and filtered out, and often, conventional filters are not effective enough. Remember to ask your supplier to provide you with evidence of this.

How is sterilisation performed?

It is particularly important to keep the water sanitised all the time, especially if a number of people are using the unit. Modern UV sterilisation units can kill most of the viruses and bacteria that are associated with spa baths, and often, the sterilisation unit can be combined with an ozone clarifier to make the process more efficient. This may also mean that the volumes of chemicals needed in the tub can be reduced, or that you should only use a particular brand of sanitiser. Your supplier in South Africa should be able to provide you with this information and all the products you need for effective sterilisation.

If you are looking for locally made spa baths from reputable suppliers in South Africa, our dedicated team at Summer Place will be happy to help. In addition to a wonderful range of spa baths, we also provide our clients with maintenance and servicing of their spas whenever needed. Give us a call today to find out more.

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