5 Important Factors That Will Affect Spa Bath Prices In 2018 And Beyond

5 Important Factors That Will Affect Spa Bath Prices In 2018 And Beyond

If you are in the market for a spa bath or Jacuzzi, this is a really good time to buy. Getting a spa bath or a Jacuzzi is a good investment and can add a lot of value to your property. If you are wondering whether or not you should invest in a Jacuzzi during this dry period the country is going through, remember that the water in the Jacuzzi is recycled, and if you maintain the spa bath well and keep the water clean, you won’t have to violate water restrictions in order to use it.

Spa bath prices in 2018 are still very competitive, and there has not been a marked increase in what they cost to buy and install since 2016. Suppliers and installers, like Summer Place, will always offer you a competitive deal, and you will be very surprised at the new spa bath prices in 2018. There are, however, always factors that will influence how much you pay for your spa bath, in whichever year you buy it, and these include the following:

Manufacturer’s prices: There are different types and makes of spa baths on the market, and usually the manufacturer will determine how much it will cost on the retail market. They have to factor in the materials used, labour, energy, local taxes, and prices of fittings and parts. If they are to be transported to other countries, export and import duties will apply. This means that you will pay different prices for spa baths made by different manufacturers.

The size of the tub: Obviously, a large spa bath that can seat 12 people will cost a lot more to make and to transport than a small 4-seater spa bath. If you don’t have a large budget, the spa bath prices in 2018 will dictate that you choose a smaller model, rather than a larger one.

The mod cons and optional extras: The more your spa bath can do, the more it will cost. If you want one with all the bells and whistles, you will end up paying more. There have been a lot of advances made in the industry by technology, and spa baths overall now have better functionality across the board. Upgrades can also be built into standard models, and very desirable features, such as touchscreen controls, extra high-powered jets, and highly modern filtration systems, can now be incorporated. In fact, you can turn a standard spa bath into a custom-made model just for you! Some manufacturers will build the new technology into the standard models and include these in the price. Any optional extras will also affect spa bath prices in 2018, such as including a cover lifter, extra steps, or even waterproof entertainment options. It just depends on what your spa bath needs are and how much you are willing to spend.

Quality of the spa bath: Because there are a lot of manufacturers out there, some inevitably will produce spa baths that are better quality than others. This also affects spa bath prices in 2018. Most people wonder whether the quality really differs that much and whether it really matters, but a high-quality spa with advanced engineering and better materials will last a lot longer and provide a much better user experience. This way, you can get a much better return on your investment. Quality materials also determine how the spa bath will react to environmental factors, such as heat, cold, and moisture, so if you are planning to (a) install the spa bath outdoors and (b) use it very often, you have to factor these things into the type of spa bath you choose.

Transport & Installation: Spa bath prices in 2018 will also be influenced by where the bath is being installed, and how far it has to travel to reach its destination. If you purchase your spa bath from a supplier in Johannesburg and it must travel to Cape Town, obviously the cost will be increased to accommodate the transportation costs. The place and type of installation will also factor into the equation because sometimes more hours and labour are required to do an effective installation. If you plan to install it in rocky ground, for instance, it will cost more. If you choose to install it above ground on a pre-made platform, it will cost less.

If you are interested in purchasing a spa bath or a Jacuzzi,and would like to know more about the spa bath prices in 2018, contact our team at Summer Place.

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